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Grup-TLP Barcelona in the 5th Borderline Congress of the European Society for the Study of Personality Disorders (ESSPD)

The international congress of the ESSPD, which is the most important Congress on Personality Disorder (TLP) worldwide and brings together the largest number of professionals, was held this year in Sitges from 27 to 29 September.

It is worth noting the contribution of professionals from the Grup-TLP Barcelona with innovative works in the field of the effectiveness of the practices in the different Programs of Attention to the Personality’s Disruption Limit of the entity.

Dr. Joan Vegué was in charge of moderating the symposium entitled Specialized Rehabilitation for patients with Borderline Personality Disorders: Does it work? In which participated, Mrs. Mª Jesús Rufat with the paper Improving the functioning of Rehabilitation Service for BPD, in addition to Dr. Marc Ferrer with the paper The importance of prevention to minimize the complexity of Rehabilitation.

Among the different communications exposed, we must highlight the work presented by Ms. Esther Verdaguer A five-year evaluation program with follow-up treatment in a Day Hospital for patients with Borderline Personality Disorder and the paper Validation of the scale STIPO-R: preliminary results presented by Mrs. Mª Jesus Rufat.

 Likewise, the papers presented by Mrs. Teresa Ribalta and Mrs. Brenda Tarragona, entitled Findings on self-harming behavior in general population, prevalence data and preventive intervention and Dissociation and its role between Adverse childhood experiences and non-suicidal self-injury respectively. Dr. Marc Ferrer also presented the papers Influence of the enviroment on BPD and ADHD and The role of personality impairment in the severity of borderline personality disorder patients, in addition to moderating the symposium called Understanding self-harming behavior and therapeutic approach in adolescents. We congratulate the quality of the different papers presented and we are sure that this remarkable participation in the 5th world congress of the ESSPD will be an encouragement to continue advancing in our clinical practice around the Limit Personality Disorder.

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