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VII Workshop Grup-TLP Barcelona

Last Thursday, April 25, 2019, the 7th Conference of the Grup-TLP Barcelona was held.

This year, the theme was ”How to deal with conflict situations through Mentalization based Treatment (MBT) ”. We were honored that Dr. Efrain Bleiberg, medical doctor, psychology graduate and member of the Mentalization team of the Anna Freud Center, was the main speaker of the Conference.

Inauguration: Sra. Magda Casamitjana and Sr. Alfons Icart

The inauguration was in charge of Mrs. Magda Casamitjana, director of the Program of comprehensive approach to mental health cases of high complexity of the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia and Mr. Alfons Icart, president of the Grup-TLP Barcelona .

Dr. Efrain Bleiberg

Throughout the day, different aspects were worked on Psychotherapy based on Mentalization and Personality Disorder. During the morning, progress was made in the advances in attachment, mentalization and epistemic confidence, as well as in the treatment of trauma and Narcissistic Disorders. After the morning break, Mrs. Teresa Ribalta, Dr. Marc Ferrer and Mrs. Maria Jesus Rufat, members of the Executive Board, gave the attendees a brief presentation of the Grup-TLP Barcelona. In the afternoon session, Mentalization based Treatment with couples (MBT-CO) was worked on.

Closure: Dr. Joan Vegué and Dr. Efrain Bleiberg

Finally, Dr. Joan Vegué, vicepresident of the Grup-TLP Barcelona, ​​closed the conference.

We congratulate ourselves for the success of attendance and for the high quality of the different presentations of the VII Workshop that Dr. Efrain Bleiberg offered us.

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