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Beginning of the “Training course for the accreditation of psychotherapists in Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP)”

On November 8, began the training course for the accreditation of psychotherapists in Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) organized by the Institut TFP Barcelona.

The Institut TFP Barcelona is a section of the Grup-TLP Barcelona that manages the specialized training of professionals in TFP. It also promotes research studies on TFP and promotes the quality of therapeutic interventions within its healthcare offer.

This course is aimed especially at psychiatrists and clinical psychologists who are interested in acquiring the theoretical and technical knowledge necessary for the specialized psychotherapeutic treatment of patients with a diagnosis of Personality Disorder.

On November 8, the first part of Module 1 of the course was held. This first module revolves around the concept of Personality Organization and TFP. Alfons Icart and Teresa Ribalta, psychotherapists and supervisors of TFP, were in charge of teaching the classes in this first part. Aspects such as link and reflexive function, defense mechanisms and object relations, among others, were worked on.

In the second part of this first module, on November 22, the ones in charge of teaching the classes were Maria Jesus Rufat and Joan Vegué, psychotherapists and supervisors of TFP.

Maria Jesus Rufat was in charge of explaining to students the basis of the Personality Organization, as well as the concept and current classification of Personality Disorders.

Finally, Joan Vegué offered the students the introduction to Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) and the key concepts of this psychotherapy.

The disposition and participation of all the students who have enrolled in this year’s course is very remarkable. Highlight the motivation of all these professionals, both psychologists and psychiatrists, to continue training and specialize to offer better patient care.

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