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Grup TLP Barcelona is an entity whose purpose is to promote training, research and comprehensive treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, characterised by instability in emotions, in behaviour and in relationships.

Grup TLP Barcelona was created in 2010, and consists of three entities:

Fundación Orienta,

Focused on care, promotion and prevention in mental health for children and teenagers

CPB- Serveis de Salut Mental,

Mental health services for adults in the community, providing different care models

Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca,

Mental health, psychiatry and addiction research group.

The group aims to improve care for people affected by borderline personality disorder by developing a homogeneous protocol for diagnostic evaluation and providing specific, comprehensive care throughout the different evolutionary stages of the disorder.

To this end, research projects are conducted to learn more about the disorder, as well as training programmes to optimise the effectiveness of specific therapeutic techniques.

Board of Directors:

President: Alfons Icart

Vice-President: Joan Vegué

Treasurer:: Andreu Codina

Project manager: Elisabet Sánchez

Honorary member of the Board of Directors: Miquel Casas


Míriam Berrio

Natàlia Calvo

Marc Ferrer

Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga

Teresa Ribalta

Ma Jesús Rufat

Brenda Tarragona

Esther Verdaguer