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Welcome to the 5th Conference of ISTFP

Since the foundation of our society in 2011 we have been constantly growing in number of professional associates from a widening selection of countries.

This rapid development of Transference-focused Psychotherapy around the world is certainly due to the deepening and consistency of the theoretical model, the emphasis on rigorous training processes, as well as substantial clinical outcomes reflected in increasing numbers of research studies.

TFP is now one of the most recognized “evidence-based treatments” for the treatment of borderline and other personality disorders. On the other hand, identity diffusion, one of the key concepts of borderline personality organization described by Otto Kernberg, has been adjusted to define the concept of personality disorders in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

We are delighted to present new approaches and applications of TFP in this 5th Conference, which allows the use of this psychotherapeutic technique, not only in the classical individual frame, but also in other therapeutic settings such as group therapy, family therapy or institutional treatments. TFP training and supervision features are also central to the program as well as the transference patterns in the therapeutic relationship.

We hope that you will enjoy the different presentations and workshops which we are confident have a high scientific value and we wish to thank all of our colleagues who have worked so hard to bring you their knowledge, skills, and experience through their papers and discussions.

We are sure that we will have rich and productive debates around the proposed issues of the conference.

And of course we hope you will enjoy meeting colleagues and friends, staying in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and come together for our reception and dinner party, which will take place in an absolutely spectacular place this year.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona!

Joan Vegué
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee

Stephan Doering
ISTFP President

Otto Kernberg
ISTFP Past-President

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