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Natalia-Calvo_vermellCollegiate number 5060

  • Psychologist Specialised in Clinical Psychology.
  • Doctor Cum Laude in Psychology (UAB).
  • Master in Child and Youth Psychiatry (UAB).
  • Associate Psychologist in the Comprehensive Care Programme for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) for Adolescents and Young Adults. Psychiatry Service at the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron of Barcelona (HUVH).
  • Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at the UAB.
  • Clinical Associate Professor at the Psychiatry and Legal Medicine Department of the UAB. Educational Unit of the Hospital Universitario Vall d’Hebron.
  • Member of Clinical Research Group CIBERSAM.
  • Member of the Sociedad Española para el Estudio de los Trastornos de Personalidad (Spanish Society for the Study of Personality Disorders) (SEETP). Member of the Sociedad Catalana de Investigación y Terapia del Comportamiento (Catalan Society of Behavioural Research and Therapy) (SCRITC).
  • Works and researches Personality Disorders and BPD in adolescence and adult years.
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